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ST will soon be available on your Iphone so you can read about the referendum and other stories on the move anywhere in the world.

There is now less than a year until Scotland indepenence referendum. Many people report not having enough information from all sides of the debate and feel left out.

That's a shame because our referendum could not be more important as it will shape Scotland's future for generations to come.

It is vital then that Scots have the chance to participate in an informed, balanced and mature national debate so the nation reaches the right decision for the right reasons.

Many Scots feel their opinion has been ignored by Scotland's traditional media outlets.

Scottish Times will soon launch its new site which will mean you can read all about the referendum and other stories on your mobile while on the move and around the world.

This is just one of the new features we will deliver between now and the referendum aimed at putting our readers in the driving seat.


Over the last year we have been planning our unique 'SURVEY NEWS' platform. In order to give ordinary scots more power over the news agenda we have designed our 'Survey News' platform.

'Survey News' will convert nationally represenative surveys into news meaning ST will be able to talk about what the people of Scotland really think and believe about independence and other subjects. At the moment, politicians, editors and others like to tell us what the people of Scotland think. Well, we say 'let's find out' for sure and then let's write about it.

The 'Survey News' system is currently being built at the University of West Scotland and the questions will be worded with the collaboration of Professor John Curtice - Scotland's foremost authority on opinion polling.

We believe there is a desire across Scotland for a very different approach to what is offered by our traditional media outlets which are, after all, owned and controlled from outside Scotland.


With the independence referendum nearing we are seeking your support. The more funds we raise the more of this new media service we will be able to deliver and so help democratise Scottish news in time for the campaign.

Our ambition is to be a world-class digital news site. We are working now with the University of West Scotland, Interactive Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh City Council and others to make this dream a reality.

Our vision has already attracted interest from potential investors and partners but with your support we can get there sooner!

We realise for many that times are tight so if you can not give financial support to ST you can still help by spreading the word.

Thanks, ST team!

Contributing is simple. All you have to do is fill in the form below, Paypal accepts money from Paypal Accounts and a variety of Credit Cards. For alternative payment methods, Contact ST.

Scottish Times 'Survey News' launch

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